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The word tactical relates to strategy and planning that is executed to achieve a goal or objective. Armed forces, law enforcement, first responder, and public safety personnel have the training to instinctively know the tactics that should be used for just about any situation, whether the objective is protecting the citizenry, putting out a fire, or rescuing someone and saving their life. Preparedness is crucial in such endeavors, and tactical gear gives these professionals what they need to face every challenge and be successful. Here on our digital shelves you’ll find a huge selection of all types of quality tactical gear designed for professional use as well as for hunters, outdoorsmen and anyone who wants to be prepared for self-defense and unexpected situations. Check out our extensive collection and you’ll see that we have the gear for safety, protection, and survival under adverse conditions, much of it available in popular camo patterns.

Defending yourself against an aggressor is arguably the most important situation to prepare for and we have the gear you need for carrying weapons and ammunition, as well as personal defense and protective equipment. We have holsters for wherever you want to carry firearms, vests with integral and detachable magazine pouches, and MOLLE plate carrier vests and tactical chest rigs that allow you to arrange mag pouches and other MOLLE pouches like canteen, compass, utility and bottle pouches wherever they are most convenient for access. Our selection of knives includes combat and tactical knives, bowie knives, and switchblades, and belt mount and MOLLE compatible sheaths.

In addition to standard night sticks and batons we have collapsible models that are easy to carry in their included sheaths. Plus, we have handcuffs and handcuffs cases; tactical pens that write but can also be used to stab, strike blows, and break glass; tactical flashlights that have an amazing lumen output but also feature crenellated bezels for striking blows and breaking glass, strobe lights to disorient and confuse an attacker, and an SOS blinking function; and battery powered stun devices that incorporate a flashlight and come with a handy carrying pouch. For protection during tactical training exercises and airsoft and paintball we offer rugged tactical and base jump helmets, or if you’re just looking for a helmet for costume, parade, or reenactment use, we also have inexpensive plastic replica helmets. Our range of protective gear also includes tactical knee and elbow pads and shin guards, and a broad assortment of gloves. Choose from tactical gloves, insulated gloves and mittens, sniper and shooting gloves, all-weather gloves, police gloves, leather gloves, flame-resistant gloves, and more.

But we’ve got much more than gloves to ensure you’re protected from the elements, and most of our collection is available in a variety of camouflage patterns. We have tank tops and short and long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, bombers and flight and field jackets, many with concealed carry pockets, and parkas. Our camo clothing selection includes pants, shorts, and leggings, hats and caps, scarfs and balaclavas, rain suits, kids’ clothing, accessories like belts and suspenders, and special wear like headnets and facemasks. Our boots come in low, mid, and high boot cuts, in leather and synthetic materials, with lug patterns to provide traction and grip. You can also have that great camo look while protecting your gear during transport. We have duffel bags, shoulder bags, daypacks, and backpacks, some that are water resistant and lockable, and many that have webbing for attachment of MOLLE pouches and accessories, as well as range models made specially for toting shooting gear. Here you’ll also find waist packs, organizers, and many types of MOLLE pouches.

Whether you’re hunting, camping or just need to survive in the outdoors, our virtual shelves are packed with the necessary gear. We have folding camp shovels that, in addition to digging, can be used as picks, to make firepits and dig latrines, and feature serrated blade edges for cutting, and sharpened edges that can be used like an axe, for clearing roots and vegetation. Our axes and hatchets can be used to fell trees and split wood for kindling, and we have several types of fire-starting gear including waterproof match cases, waterproof matches and ferrocerium strikers. We also offer instant hand warmers and foot warmers for when you need to get heat to your extremities fast. Toting a backpack-style hydration pack will allow you to sip water and stay hydrated as you move or carry your water in one of our canteens or water bottles. And if you run out of drinking water, we offer germicidal tablets that can be used in an emergency to disinfect water.

Having several feet of strong cordage with you when you’re far from civilization can be invaluable and an easy way to carry it with you is a paracord bracelet, also known as a survival bracelet. These are made from extremely strong parachute cord, with the most common grade used being Type III, which has a minimum breaking strength of 550 lbs., so sometimes it is called 550 cord. Paracord bracelets are woven, often with different color cord, and have become a styling statement for some. But in an emergency, they can be disassembled, giving you 7-9 ft. of cordage, which can be used for tying up and securing objects and gear, as a tourniquet or to secure a splint in case of injury, as an improvised fishing line, and many more uses. In addition to the tactical flashlights mentioned above, we also offer many other types of battery operated and rechargeable incandescent bulb, xenon, and LED flashlights, including hand-held lights, keychain and mini flashlights, penlights, and hands-free lights and headlamps. Our comprehensive survival kits include food bars, water, waterproof matches, blankets, ponchos, flashlight, emergency power station and much more. We also have complete roadside emergency and first aid kits.

Whether you’re bird watching or looking for game, binoculars will deliver a clear image of whatever you want to view. We offer rugged binoculars that are made for outdoor use, most with optical coatings that allow greater light transmission for a sharper image. Choose from Porro prism and roof prism binoculars, in a wide range of physical sizes, objective lens sizes and magnifications, focusing systems, finishes, and other features. A monocular is a compact, easy to carry device for viewing far-off objects in close-up detail, making one convenient to take along in your pocket to view nature when taking a walk in the woods, and many come with convenient carrying straps. Our selection of night vision binoculars and monoculars electronically intensify available light to create an image that is magnified like in ordinary optical devices, but appears in monochrome green, bringing detail to the darkness. When you’re shooting, you’ll be able to accurately calculate the distance to the target with one of our rangefinders. They can also be useful for more than just hunting and firearms, such as determining the distance to a hole in golf. We also offer an assortment of shooting eyewear, some with replacement lenses in different colors so you can see well under various conditions.

In this era of perpetual connectedness, it can be disconcerting when there’s no cellular service in the area and your smart phone is useless. With one of our 2-way radios, you can stay in touch when camping or hiking in remote areas. These radios are invaluable for emergency communication, and some have as many as 22 channels with ranges of up to 40 miles, with features like weather alerts, waterproof construction, and rechargeable battery packs. If you need greater range and are communicating almost exclusively outdoors in unobstructed areas, like out on the water, one of our hand-held VHF radios may be a better choice. They’re just as rugged as our 2-way radios and some even float, so you won’t lose your radio if it’s dropped overboard. Many VHF radios are equipped with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) which, in conjunction with the unit’s built-in GPS, automatically relays your vessel’s position when you send out a distress signal.

Even when you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’ll always know where you are and where you’re headed with one of our hand-held GPS units, whether you’re seeking a new destination or just want to be able to go back the way you came. We have units specially designed for hiking and outdoor use that will enable you to navigate by map or compass, create waypoints and routes and locate points of interest, record and access saved track logs, and download geocaches. We also offer many GPS accessories including cases, holsters and belt clips, backpack tethers, mounts, and additional batteries.

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My mom's got this rooster that doesn't quit. He's a quiet, sneaky little thing that creeps up on her and scares her something fierce when he attacks. They've tried taming him, but he "rules the roost" and isn't having any of it. There was talk of getting rid of him as he'd recently drawn blood from an encounter while she was gathering from the garden. So I got mama a riot shield. Shipping was fast and it arrived undamaged and ready for rooster combat. Fits her perfectly (she's like 5ft 5 or something). Material feels solid and the grips and arm parts are comfortable to hold. It's light enough to carry around without feeling the weight. The rooster, Jeffery, does not like the Invisible Forcefield of Police Authority. He doesn't understand why his razer sharp spurs are no longer inciting fear in my mother. He attacks and attacks, but bounces right off without a scratch to the shield. Mom now carries it everywhere with her when she's out in the yard. Jeffery hates it. Mom loves it. Best purchase I ever made.
Posted by Customer / December 16, 2022
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