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Along with the hammerstones that were used to create them, cutting tools were the first tools made by early man. Those crude, ancient hand axes, which were used to butcher animals and chop wood, later evolved into stone and bone knives, axes and spear heads that were attached to wooden handles. Cutting tool manufacturing took a major leap forward when early civilizations learned to smelt and cast metal, producing knives, axes, swords, and more, first in copper alloy, then iron, and finally in steel. Tool steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel are used for the blades in modern cutting tools like the kind you’ll find here on our digital shelves. Whether you want them for outdoor use, self-defense, or ceremonial and decorative purposes, we have what you’re looking for in our huge selection of knives, axes, swords, spears, sheaths, multi-tools, camp shovels, and sharpeners.

Experienced outdoorsmen know the value of a good knife. A strong sharp blade with a sturdy, well-shaped, comfortable handle is invaluable for cutting wood and brush when you need to clear a path or build shelter; for carving, cutting, and splitting firewood; for cutting up vegetables and skinning and butchering game during food preparation, and of course, for self-defense. Our knife collection includes designs for many purposes including fixed blade utility and survival knives for general outdoor use, tactical knives for self-defense, bowie knives for fighting and hunting, and fillet knives for fisherman. We also have special feature products like throwing knives, automatic knives, also known as switchblades, which automatically extend the blade from within the handle when a button or lever on the handle is pushed, and folding knives, including many sizes and styles of traditional pocket knives.

When greater cutting capability than a knife is required, you need a hatchet or an axe. The axe is the descendent of the original cutting tool, upgraded with a handle that allows the tool to be wielded with more power. The handle on an axe is longer than a hatchet and the head is larger. Axes are designed to be used with 2 hands, which further amplifies the applied force, enabling the tool to be used for felling trees and splitting wood. Its smaller size enables the hatchet to be wielded with one hand and in tighter spaces and makes it a more portable tool than an axe. It can do the same tasks as an axe, albeit on smaller trees and pieces of wood. Many hatchets also have a hammer head opposite the cutting blade, so the tool can also be used for striking and driving objects like stakes and nails. Tomahawks are similar to axes and hatchets, except they customarily have a round instead of narrow eye, the handle is long like an axe, but the head is usually smaller, and since a tomahawk was commonly used for fighting, they often feature a spike opposite the blade. You’ll find many styles of hatchets, tomahawks, axes and battle axes here on our virtual shelves.

Swords were among the foremost combat weapons for thousands of years before ultimately being replaced by firearms. The first bronze swords were made in the 16th century BC. These began to be superseded by stronger and harder iron swords in the 12th century BC, and by the 5th century BC iron had completely replaced bronze. Iron in turn was gradually replaced by steel as metalsmiths learned to create the alloy as early as the 3rd century BC. However, by the mid-19th century AD and the time of the American Civil War and mass-produced rifles and pistols, the sword was mostly relegated to cavalry use where a combination of the horse’s speed, the rider’s height and a slashing motion with the sword could still effectively be used in battle against foot soldiers. Today swords are used mostly for display, and exhibition and ceremonial use, and in fencing competition, but no matter what you want to do with a sword, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection of rapiers, long swords, broad swords, sabers, cutlasses, katanas, training swords, and sword canes.

A machete can be used as both an axe and a sword. They are most commonly used to cut and chop vegetation in order to clear brush and create and sustain paths and trails, prune and trim branches and tall grass and maintain landscapes, and harvest crops like sugar cane. As would be expected, machetes are widely used in tropical and sub-tropical regions where there are dense rainforests and jungles, and in addition to cutting and chopping through undergrowth, they have also been used as weapons in these areas. We offer machetes with many styles of blades and handles to choose from. A camp shovel is another useful outdoor tool. Many of these have multiple features that, in addition to digging, allow them to be used as picks, as well as a serrated blade edge for cutting, and a sharpened edge that can be used like an axe, for clearing roots and vegetation. We have everything from small, folding, trowel size shovels that can be carried in your pocket, to 30.5” overall length tactical shovels that include hammer, screwdriver, knife, hex wrench, igniter, and more functions in one tool.

Initially nothing more than a stick with a sharpened end, spears were one of the first hunting tools and weapons. As man evolved so did his weapons and tools and soon spears were affixed with harder points, first made of stone, and then bronze, iron and steel. The first spears were thrust into prey at close range during the hunt, but soon hunters became more efficient, developing spears that could be thrown from a distance, increasing the chances of a kill. Spears used during warfare evolved similarly, with those used for hand-to-hand combat differing from spears made to be thrown. We offer authentic recreations of many classic European and African spears, crafted with modern carbon steel tips and sturdy ash wood shafts. And while many of our knives, axes and cutting tools come with sheaths, we also have a selection of sheaths and accessories, so you can customize the way you carry, store and protect your investment.

Multi Tools are the most versatile cutting tools, and many can do so much more than cut, saw or slice. The Swiss Army knife is the most famous multi tool and has been produced with many tool combinations, including designs with multiple sharp and serrated blades, screwdrivers, can opener, corkscrew, bottle opener, tweezers, scissors, pliers, and nail file. While we offer versions of this tool, our selection contains much more and we’re sure to have the multi tool with the combination of implements that meets your needs. We also have specialized multi tools, such as tools with multiple hex bits, tools with multiple screwdriver tips, and tools made for use on bicycles. Finally, although it’s counterintuitive, a dull blade is more dangerous than a sharp one. Dull-bladed tools require more force and effort to make a cut, so there’s a greater possibility of losing control of the tool and injuring yourself. We have an extensive collection of sharpeners, for knives, axes, machetes, and lawn and garden tools, everything from the latest electric sharpeners to classic whetstones.

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Doesn't sharpen good, doesn't hold an edge, barely even cuts paper. Even my 5$ chinese Cabela's knife is better than that pos.
Posted by Customer / May 06, 2021
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